An island is always a special place, where earth and sea intersect at a point. This urban proposal for Klaksvík, the second largest town in the Faroe Islands, celebrates this context. It is composed of a series of infrastructures recalling local archetypes such as a pier, a tent, a passage, a port, and a jetty. Together, they create a new cityscape and sequence of public spaces. These are set along the central park that connects the inlets of the islands, along a promenade for pedestrians. A tram line circles the entire area, moving across existing buildings and imported exotic trees that block the heavy winds. Mobility structure, activity patterns, and the sun path were charted to provide rationale to the scheme. Despite its fantastic imagery, the plan for Klaksvík is neither a utopia nor a Fata Morgana.

Date: 2012 | Location: Klaksvík, Faroe Islands | Client: Klaksvík Town Municipality (Competition) | Architecture: Patrícia Barbas, Diogo Lopes | Urban Analysis: Jorge Gil, Raquel Viúla
Collaborators: Miguel Roxo, Sérgio Catumba | Images: Barbas Lopes Arquitectos | Budget: N/A