This single-family house is located an hour away from Lisbon, on a property surrounded by eucalyptus and pine trees. The environs of this countryside are sprinkled with ersatz villas and lawns. In turn, a clearing in the woods harbors the platform with this house. It is a square concrete box, raised from the ground by pillars. The program is stored in a single floor, divided in strips. As a rule, partitions are wooden panels in dry joinery. The exposed concrete of the box, with timber formworks, provides the rough look of its shell. Large glass panes to inner patios and the exterior cast transparencies and reflections. They expand the interior along the trees, level with the foliage. The house is a jagged island circled by a sea of fake nostalgia. As a protection, it resorts to nature and brutalism.

Date: 2003-2005 | Location: Benavente, Portugal | Client: Rita Barbas | Architecture: Patrícia Barbas
Collaborators: Rita Ogando | Engineering: Betar, Energia Técnica | Contractor: P. Andrade e Sousa, Lda
Photography: DMF and Pedro Cláudio (for Area Store Catalogue) | Area: 1000 m2 | Budget: N/A