Anozero’17 Coimbra Biennial - Still Cabanon
The South of No North

16 artists, architects and designers were invited to respond to the 1952 Corbusier's Un Cabanon
and to make a proposal for a intimate shelter space for themselves.

The South of No North is the reinvention of the Weekend House that my parents had on an island. Every weekend and holiday, when we did not come to the Metropolis, my father drove the boat from the bay to the refuge on the island. The construction was rather primitive. Its beauty lay in the wide drawing gesture of the big roof and the simplicity of the materials used. Our proposal is architectural and autobiographical. The smaller volume and pillars belong to the place. The hut is open, with its big roof 90 cm above ground. As in a small temple, this could be a beautiful ruin. Memories built by drawings, images, feelings and remembered stories. What is reality or fiction? What is the tenuous line that separates one thing from another? Landscape as Architecture.

Date: 2017 | Location: Coimbra, Portugal | Client: Anozero’17 Coimbra Biennial| Curator: Atelier do Corvo and José Miguel Pinto
Architecture: Patrícia Barbas | Collaborators: Anne-Claire Gandor, Catarina Sousa, Guilherme Oliveira, Sérgio Catumba
Model: NSF Laser and NORIGEM | Photography: Barbas Lopes Arquitectos | Budget: N/A