Oficina is located in a former car repair shop in Campo de Ourique where Senhor António fixed American road cruisers for almost fifty years. Much like Lisbon in general, our atelier is like a collage of time: walls left untouched bear witness to the past while a pristine linen curtain defined a new era. For 12 years this was the place we called home. Now, it is time to add some comfort to it. A new building will be born for a house and a studio. The triangular plot is a challenge to design. Closed where facing the narrow street, the openings in the building are in other directions and will keep the intimacy of the different rooms. The new outside spaces will gradually change from more open and public to private and it will control the surrounding views. We hope to keep the magic of space in other ways.

Date: 2017 | Location: Lisbon, Portugal | Client: Barbas Lopes Arquitectos | Architecture: Patrícia Barbas
Collaborators: Catarina Sousa, Guilherme Oliveira, Laurianne Ferreira, Patrícia Sola, Sérgio Catumba, Tatsuya Saeki
Images: Barbas Lopes Arquitectos | Area: 230 m2 | Budget: N/A