A new character is supposed to be add to the Thalia Theatre surroundings, so we were asked to design a Store House.  Opposed to the glazed single-story pavilion of the Theatre that mirrors the context around, this tiny building is blind and opaque. A metallic black brown volume with a vaulted roof, raised from the ground by pillars. On the one side there are steps for people to access it and on the other hand a footbridge on rails that allows loading directly to the background plaza of the theatre. Design as a silent witness, located between the two giant Platanus trees, it suits the role of giving extra store space and to keep equipment safe. During the day and over the seasons, the deciduous trees make it look like a good servant, invisible and at the same time present, when needed it.

Date: 2016 | Location: Lisbon, Portugal | Client: Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science | Architecture: Patrícia Barbas
Collaborators: Catarina Sousa, Laurianne Ferreira, Sérgio Catumba, Tatsuya Saeki | Images: Barbas Lopes Arquitectos | Area: 15 m2 | Budget: N/A