This Weekend House was designed for a family. Its location, in Pinhal da Aroeira, is very closed to the beach and it's 25 km from the city centre of Lisbon, on the other side of the Tagus River. The existing outside kitchen and storeroom, in the service entrance, is to be renovated and a little swimming pool is to be added for the children's amusement. The house is a sequence of three prefabricated volumes in Light Steel Framing, clothed by blue colour corrugated steel panels. The enclosed courtyard works as an intermediate space and extension, between the three bedrooms and the social area volumes, that keeps the privacy and intimacy of the house as it frames views of the trees and the sky. With high ceilings we were able to provide our clients a castle with a tight budget.

Date: 2015 | Location: Pinhal da Aroeira, Portugal | Client: Nuno Olim | Architecture: Patrícia Barbas, Diogo Lopes
Collaborators: Axelle Vandenbroucke, Guilherme Oliveira, Margarida Esteves, Sérgio Catumba, Rui Rocha, Vitor Sá | Images: Barbas Lopes Arquitectos | Area: 145 m2 | Budget: N/A