The renovation of this small apartment was tailored to the needs and whims of the client. A psychoanalyst and publisher, his persona influenced greatly the design. It is mainly composed of two thin slabs of green polished marble, making a corner, separating the living room from the entrance. Bolted to one of these partitions, a stainless steel structure with shelves provides room for appliances such as the television and stereo. While modest in scale, the intervention revamped the spatial flow of the apartment. It secured privacy for the living room, fashioned like a boudoir. The result could be described as the setting for an imaginary encounter between Sigmund Freud and Adolf Loos in Vienna. The project kept these references in mind, while sorting out seemingly prosaic details.

Date: 2009 | Location: Lisbon, Portugal | Client: Vasco Santos | Architecture: Patrícia Barbas, Diogo Lopes
Collaborators: Tânia Roque | Steelwork: Daniel Dourado | Contractor: Abel Carvalho Pinto Martins Unipessoal, Lda
Photography: Barbas Lopes Arquitectos (Sérgio Catumba) | Area: 76 m2 | Budget: N/A