North of Salvador da Bahia, in Brazil, this seaside resort comprised 282 bedrooms, 56 bungalows, a conference center, a beach club, and a spa. Each of these functional units was granted a unique architectural identity, despite a common leitmotif related to local culture. Revamping tropical modernism, the buildings and landscaping made direct reference to the work of Oscar Niemeyer and Roberto Burle Marx. Accordingly, the overall layout was a loose composition of primary forms surrounded by dunes and wild palms. The scheme provided different views over the ocean, as well as several open spaces with promenades for guests. The extensive use of sunshades, long skywalks, and large geometric canopies added further highlights to the retro style of the resort.

for Promontório
Date: 2007 | Location: Guarajuba (Bahia), Brazil | Client: Sol Melia Hotels & Resorts | Architecture: Promontório, Patrícia Barbas, Diogo Lopes
Collaborators: Hugo Ferreira, Lígia Ribeiro, Tânia Roque
Images: 4+ Arquitectos | Area: 36.000m2 | Budget: N/A